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SandHopper Beach Carts

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We take immense pride in offering the SandHopper Electric Beach Cart Product Line.

In response to the overwhelming demand, we highly recommend collaborating with us to craft and personalize your very own SandHopper. Once it's built, assembled, and rigorously tested, we'll ensure a seamless delivery process.



Our standard deck sizes come in three variations: 30x40, 30x48, and 30x54, each complemented by three distinct rail options: Single, Double, and Surf Rack. What's more, you'll discover an impressive array of add-on products and features that elevate the SandHopper's utility and performance.

For a comprehensive overview of all available options, please visit their website at

Our pricing aligns with the vendor's, but here's the kicker - you'll enjoy the perks of free shipping, expert assembly, and meticulous testing when you shop with us. We are also the only retailer and authorized service center in the Southeast.